algorithmic audio visual toolkit for pure data & GEM


Algoholic is a toolkit for creating algorithmic music and visuals using the open source multimedia programming environment pure data & gem at version 0.50 and higher.

Algoholic is designed to run on any computer that can run Pd including single board computers like the raspberry pi. Algoholic is built entirely using vanilla pd abstractions for increased portability and ease of installation.

Thanks you rdz, beem and Mike Moreno for your patches and help. The limits of what is possible within Pd & GEM are based on your own imagination, creativity, knowledge and experience... not how much money you have. The live coding community has excellent tools and libraries like tidal cycles but there are less options for Pd (mainly because Pd is a visual programming language not code). That is the main reason I want to create an open source library for Pd and GEM enthusiasts.

List of objects

control objects
  • mseq : sequencer
  • randseq : generates a random sequence for mseq
audio objects
  • playdir~ : play sounds (in wav format) from a directory
  • heavybass~
  • filtfm~
  • trianglepoly~
  • squarepoly~
  • sawpoly~
  • hihat~
  • snare~
  • kick~
  • clap~
gem objects
  • m-vj

Get started

Algoholic is designed to be a self contained folder that has everything you need to make algorithmic music, visuals & AV. The freedom of algorithmic compositon is also a daunting learning curve to newcomers. I created algoholic to mitigate the steep learning curve so artists and musicians can feel the power of simple algorithmic constructs first hand.



The latest algoholic release is available on github